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Functional medicine is an medical that focuses on identifying the causes of disease rather than treating the symptoms. It seeks to understand the origins of chronic disease so that meaningful treatment and prevention methods can be developed and implemented.
Diagnostic testing is very important in the examination and evaluation processes. Being able to eliminate as much guessing as possible allows for more comprehensive care plans. For your benefit, we have partnered with the most advanced labs in the country.​
Our job at IHS doesn't end when you walk out of our office door. If we are to be successful we have to empower you to be our partner in your health care. We recommend the following products. We believe they will benefit your life and your health.
Education is a cornerstone of patient care at Integrated Health Systems Functional Medicine Center.  You have questions...  We have answers.   

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With science based nutrition,
  there is no guessing with your health.
Integrated Health Systems was started in April of 2011. The friendship of Dr. Corey and Dr. Shawn started in graduate school in 1996. After school, life intervened and, although they remained friends, they saw less and less of each other. Both opened private practices as sole proprietors, and when they bumped...
Put our expertise to work for you!
At Integrated Health Systems, we are proud to have received the following recognition from our patients.

"I finally feel better..."
"I went from a size 16 to 12..."
"I am most grateful..."
What exactly are your nutritional needs?